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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Cooler weather means another jacket!

The BSU gives me grief that I own too many jackets and maybe its true. But I wear all of them for different reasons and a different times and I ususally make them last a number of years before tossing them out or giving them away. Since the fall weather has moved in, (its just 45 degrees this morning, I decided I needed another scooter riding jacket. It took me 2 tries and return postage but I finally got this Fieldsheer Spiga jacket from Brockton Cycle. The jacket I bought is yellow everywhere the picture shows blue or red. This jacket came with a quilted liner that will also fit inside my mesh jacket for those days when it is 50 degrees in the morning and 80 degrees in the afternoon.

And it was on sale- another prerequisite when I buy a jacket!

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